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EurekaWorld Viewer Beta Testing

So you want to be a EurekaWorld Viewer beta tester, ah?

Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. EurekaWorld Viewer is still a beta version which means that it is still being tested
  2. EurekaWorld Viewer was created with Firestorm code so the name Firestorm still appears in some titles
  3. EurekaWorld Viewer already has EurekaWorld grid defined in the grid list
  4. EurekaWorld Viewer is using different graphic processing libraries than Firestorm which means that the way EurekaWorld looks with this viewer might be slightly different (mostly by graphics quality) from the way it looks in Firestorm

Downloading and Installing

Please note: This beta version is not signed which means that it will show up as created by 'Unknown Publisher'. This might set off some warnings from Windows or your anti-virus software.

Here is a list of actions you need to take in order to have EurekaWorld Viewer running on your computer:

  1. Uninstall any currently installed older version of EurekaWorld Viewer
  2. Download EurekaWorld Viewer ZIP file from the link below
  3. Extract & install EurekaWorld Viewer
  4. Start EurekaWorld Viewer
  5. That's it! You've made it!

Give Us Your Feedback

We would like to hear about your EurekaWorld Viewer experience! Please let us know by sending us a feedback using THIS FORM.

Download Links

Please click the appropriate link according to your operating system to download EurekaWorld Viewer:

Tel: 054-642-6362
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